April 2017 archive

Good news about threat to park, and next meeting 6 May 3.30pm

Following our open Friends meeting with him on 2 April, (see previous post for more information on this), Cllr Ayisi  phoned on 5 April to tell us officially that Chestnuts Park, and any other public green space, has been taken out of the frame for any giveaway to Onside.. We were pleased to hear this news, but of course remain vigilant, in case it comes back into the frame.

As agreed at the 2 April Friends meeting, we will reconvene another open Friends meeting to continue conversations about the park and the Community  Centre, (and for any update on Onside and Chestnuts Park)  at 3.30pm on Saturday 6 May in the Community Centre. All friends welcome.

Questions remain about the whole process of how Chestnuts Park ever got into the frame to have public green space fenced off and given away to an outside organisation, and about the proposed contract with Onside. Some members of Friends of Chestnuts Park, as Haringey residents, will continue to ask questions about this in other forums. However, as Friends of Chestnuts Park,  our constitutional objective of “protecting” the park is achieved once  it is fully confirmed that Chestnuts Park has been removed from the list of Onside locations. We will then be able to resume our usual activities connected to improving the park, with full energy.  Watch this space for posts about forthcoming events and celebrations.