flyer_final-page-001Since our first exploratory meeting in 1999 and formation as a group in 2000, Friends of Chestnuts have successfully campaigned for many improvements to this park, and have organised lots of great events, just a few of which are listed below. Having successfully campaigned for the demolition of the derelict pavilion building in the centre of the park, in 2014 we’re currently fundraising and bid writing for a Willow Garden area to be created once the pavilion is demolished.  (Click on the event title below for a gallery of pictures from some of our events. If you have pictures from our past events, do let us know and we can post them here)

1999 Sept First exploratory meeting to find out if local people are in setting up a Friends of Chestnuts. (The new cafe in former toilet block was also opened in this year)
2000 March “Planning for Real” and planting events
2000 Nov Celebration party for 100 years as a park
Drainage works to main field, planting and painting events
2001 Nov Festival of Light and installation of wooden horse
2002 New tennis courts installed
2004 May Spring Festival
2005 May Spring Festival
Aug Free sports training
Nov Festival of Light and firework display
2006 Formation of new Chestnuts Park Strategic
Partners User group
2008 Launch party for new playground, café terrace, Multi Use games area  (MUGA), paths. First Green Flag awarded and Management plan agreed.
2009 Successful fundraising for new sensory/music playground
2010 New music/sensory playground installed
2011 Hedge planting along St Ann’s Rd
2012 March “Bug time” event
June Alternative Olympics “Spoil sports”
Sept Community Green event with GRA
2012 Opening up of new Cornwall Rd path completes Phase 1 of Masterplan
2013 June Consultation and sports event
Aug Award of Fields in Trust status
Oct Consultation, Big Draw Event
30 Nov Meeting in café to view film of consultation event and discuss which new facilities to bid for
2014 26 Jan Launch event for new website and Phase 2 of the Masterplan

2014 Nov Work starts on the demolition of the derelict pavilion building in the centre of the park

2018 – lots has happened in the past five years, to be updated soon For more details see our Facebook page